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The Breath of Life and the Metabolic Client 

Principle Speaker:

Michael J Shea PhD

Teaching Assistants: 

Almut Althaus, Bettina Ravanelli, Jörg Schuerpf and Ursula Walke

Date: 25 - 27 March 2023


VenueSt Leonard's Hall, Edinburgh, EH16 5AY

Cost£650 for course, lunches and refreshments

Although new to some, Michael Shea is a renowned American lecturer and author in the field of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and we are delighted to announce he is coming to Edinburgh to share his extensive knowledge.  Student numbers will be limited to 28, and four very experienced teaching assistants will be on hand to help so there will be a high tutor to student ratio (1:6) ensuring you get the help you need to further your practise. 


THE COURSE – will deepen your biodynamic practice using principles of cosmology (Breath of Life) and embryology. The contemporary client is metabolically unhealthy and a shift in focus to include cosmology is necessary. Cosmology is linked to metabolism, the inner cosmology. Primary Respiration and dynamic stillness are presented as such and having three levels of perception.  Dr Sutherland mentioned the Breath of Life seventeen times in his writing. His deep perceptual experience was it being a light. Perceptual skills of different coloured lights in the fluid body and vascular system are taught based on Sutherland’s perception of the Breath of Life.  This understanding of biodynamic originality is linked to the body‘s metabolism through the lens of Judeo-Christian cosmology including the Tree of Life as the vascular tree. Additional insight for clinical practice will be explored from Tibetan Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine. 


Two protocols will be taught to affect the metabolism of the client’s body through the fluid body and vascular tree. These protocols are easily integrated into one’s biodynamic practice.


The emerging neuroscience on the instinctual organization of the body‘s metabolism is presented. This specifically relates to interoceptive awareness and the conscious acquisition of safety and empathy for self and other.


MICHAEL J SHEA, PhD – with 50 plus years of experience he brings a cross-cultural perspective to education and healing, with a teaching style grounded in a spiritual practice of developing compassion with the use of manual therapy.  He is a formal student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and past apprentice with a medicine man on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. He continues to teach extensively across the US and Europe, is author of six books on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.   


ELIGIBILITY – you will need to be experienced in working with the involuntary mechanism (craniosacral work), but do not need to have attended any Jim Jealous Biodynamic courses.

Why not listen to a recent recent interview with Michael discussing his latest book - The Biodynamics of the Immune System: Balancing the Energies of the Body with the Cosmos - to give you an insight into the course.

Spreaker Audio:

iHeartRadio at:


If you would like more information about the course or to reserve your place please get in touch with Natasha on:


07714 239636 or


Alternatively use the Contact Us page.  

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Osteopathic Concepts; Management of Dysfunction; Treatment Approaches and Techniques 

Principle Speaker: Richard Twining 

Date: 28 - 29 October 2023 (provisional)


VenueSt Leonard's Hall, Edinburgh, EH16 5AY


Cost£TBC for course, lunches and refreshments

Following on from his successful course on Neural Manipulation OSS is pleased to announce the return of experienced Osteopath and Lecturer Richard Twining to talk about Fluids.  The World Health Organisation recognises the Osteopathic 5-Model Concept as making a unique contribution to health care. One of the models, the respiratory/circulatory (or fluid) model, is often under-represented in UK formal osteopathic education, despite being important to much of A.T. Still’s teaching and writing and being an effective treatment approach to tissue dysfunction. Fluids comprise some 55-65% of the adult body and they are essential to the understanding of tensegrity biomechanics. Taking many forms – blood, lymph, extracellular, intracellular, digestive, serous and CSF – they are moved by a number of mechanisms, which need to be understood for effective treatment.

This highly practical post-graduate weekend will explore the importance of the concepts, main restriction points, and the effectiveness of fluid based approaches and techniques. As the bulk of fluids are in the visceral system, some knowledge of visceral osteopathy would be an advantage but not essential.


RICHARD TWINING is a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Osteopathy.  He is an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.  


He led the visceral osteopathy programme and teaching team at ESO from 2006-12 and was a student clinic tutor 2009-12. At he same time he taught for the ESO’s partner colleges in Russia, Poland and Spain. He took a break from  the ESO in 2012 and taught across Europe which took him to Poland, Greece, Italy, France and Turkey He also taught in the Pacific (Japan and New Zealand) and Caribbean returning as head of the  ESO’s international department in 2015, a post from which he retired in 2022. He remains on the UK register and now teaches in Denmark, Greece, Poland and Germany​.

If you would like more information about the course or to reserve your place please get in touch with Natasha on:

07714 239636 or

Alternatively use the Contact Us page.  

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